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H21 1.2581 СКД5

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Hot Work Tool Steels H21 1.2581 SKD5 sheets



Tungsten hot-work steels are of different types, namely, H21 to H26 types. These steels have similar characteristics to that of high-speed steels. The primary alloying elements in tungsten hot-work steels include tungsten, chromium, carbon, and vanadium. They are resistant to distortion when they are air-hardened, and have higher hardening temperature when compared to chromium hot-work steels. It belong to the high quality high carbon alloy tool steel.

Области применения:

Used for manufacturing gear, shaft, connecting rod, spring, engine cylinder and other important parts, parts of high hardness, wear-resistant.



Технические характеристики:

Механические свойства

Объекты Метрика Имеприал 
Твердость, HRC40.0-55.040.0-55.0
Объемный модуль 140GPa20300 кси
Модуль сдвига80.0GPa       11600 кси
Коэффициент Пуассона (2.5°C)0.27-0.30.27-0.3
Модуль упругости190-210 ГПа27557-30458кси

НаименованияРазмер (мм)ОбработкаУсловия доставки
ЛистыT1.0 - 2.5ХолоднокатаныеЧерная поверхность и отжиг
Т 2.5 - 8.0ГорячекатаныйЧерная поверхность и отжиг


Q: Are your a factory or a trading company?

A: We are a factory/plant.

Вопрос: какова ваша дата доставки?

A:The delivery date is about 30 days after receipt of the payment.

Q: How can I get some sample? 

A: Для нас большая честь предложить вам образцы 

Q: OEM is acceptable? 

A: Yes. We are good at steel making since 2006 with complete production equipment. Share your new project with us, we will help you to solve it.

Q: What are the difference between you and other steel company?

A: Quality first! The price will be changed according to your order. The rechargeable sample's will return to you after you offer the deposit! 

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