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Ọganihu na mgbada nke ahịa akụrụngwa

Oge: 2021-08-27 Hits: 57

Raw material Market

the transportation volume of American steel mills in June increased by 0.6% month on month; In the first week of August, the crude steel output of the United States increased by 26.8% year-on-year; In 2021, the output of crude steel in Tangshan is planned to decrease by 12.37 million tons year-on-year

the coal import of India's state-owned port fell for two consecutive months in July, hitting a 10 month low; In 2021, the import volume of German hard coal may increase by more than 10% year-on-year; Russia's coking coal exports continued to grow in June.

Iron ore analysis: today, the domestic iron ore market continues its downward trend.

In terms of domestic mines, the prices in some areas of the domestic refined powder market continued to fall today, including the market price of iron refined powder in Shanxi Province, which generally fell by 100-120 yuan, and the market price of refined powder in Eastern Liaoning Province, which generally fell by 20-60 yuan. Some steel mills in Tangshan still purchase iron concentrate powder at a low price, and the purchase price of mainstream steel enterprises in other regions is temporarily stable. Affected by the continuous decline of internal ore prices, the profit space of ore dressing manufacturers has narrowed, so the willingness to ship at low prices is not strong, and most of them are in a wait-and-see state.

In terms of imported ore, today's market fluctuated and adjusted as a whole, and most traders' quotations were mainly discussed on a single basis. At present, with the gradual realization of the crude steel horizontal control policy, the demand for iron ore is difficult to improve. Steel mills generally maintain on-demand procurement. The transaction situation in the spot market is low, and the transaction varieties are still concentrated on low-grade fine ore.

Scrap analysis: today's scrap market is mixed.

Steel mills: at present, due to the epidemic and high temperature, the transportation of scrap steel has been significantly hindered all over the country. Moreover, due to the continuous decline of iron ore prices, the output of scrap steel has also decreased. In addition, due to the recent capacity constraints of some steel mills, individual steel enterprises are also overhauling equipment, and their enthusiasm for the purchase of scrap steel is general. Market: at present, the market is still in the off-season state, and the supply of market resources is tight. Affected by the news of local production restriction and the sharp decline of futures, businesses generally hold a pessimistic attitude. In order to avoid risks, they are not willing to store goods at present, and most of them are fast in and fast out.

Comprehensive factor analysis shows that the short-term domestic scrap market price is mainly stable.        

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