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M35high speed

Introducing m35High Speed: The Tool for Your Needs.

Will you be completely fed up along with the time-consuming and annoying task of searching of the perfect machine? Look no further than the m35High Speed, the same as Konsond's hot work die steel. This innovative tool revolutionized the market for safe and easy-to cutting-use drilling. It brings a myriad of advantages to users, making us confident in saying, m35High Speed could be the cutting-edge innovation for the cutting and drilling needs.


The m35High Speed offers varied advantages that distinguish it through the longtime competitors, along with the hot die steel h13 by Konsond. First, it features remarkable durability ensures it may withstand prolonged and frequent use wearing out quickly. It even offers a fast Speed and impressive efficiency makes all cutting and drilling jobs look like a piece of cake. and, you should not be described as an expert to deal since it is possible to use, making with it a reliable option for beginners and specialists alike.

  • Innovation


    The m35High Speed tool is, without a doubt, an innovation, ensuing from years of research and testing, identical to Konsond's product M1 high speed steel. Its durable qualities come linked to the mix of steel and cobalt, ensuring it is strength, sturdiness, and longevity, while it is unique side design gives it precise and neat cuts, making all drilling and cutting work. This tool is a profound departure traditional tools as a result of it is cutting-edge design that promises better results.

  • Safety


    Safety is non-negotiable whenever using cutting and drilling tools and the m35High Speed takes this seriously, the same as m2 high speed tool steel created by Konsond. Our product is manufactured out of the very best materials, ensuring the safety during use. We wish you to feel secure and comfortable whenever using it to create excellent results.

  • How to Use?

    How to Use?

    Beginners and professionals can use m35High Speed with full confidence because of it is simple design is not difficult to see and master, identical to Konsond's product tool steel material. To drill a hole efficiently, set the drill bit into the chuck, tighten firmly, and start drilling. To achieve a clean cut align the tool with all the workpiece and let the spinning of this tool do the work. With this particular specific tool, you are able to achieve exquisite results the concern about getting hurt.

Why choose Konsond M35high speed?


We have been committed to customer outstanding service, same with the hardened and high speed steels developed by Konsond. We work hard to make sure that our customer care rating stays high. All of us is definitely ready to answer your queries, troubleshoot any technical issues or advise you from the best use of this tool. Our customer service is unmatched, and we have confidence in providing a durable item serves your needs.


Quality is our main priority, along with Konsond's product cold working tools. We assure our customers that the m35High Speed is made from the absolute most readily materials useful provide outcomes being outstanding. It undergoes intense scrutiny testing delivery to make sure it fulfills industrial standards and surpasses our customers' expectations. You may be sure to get excellent value your money when this tool is bought by you.


The m35High Speed is versatile, making it suitable for a variety of applications, including drilling and cutting metal, timber, and plastic, identical to cold work die steel supplied by Konsond. It is also appropriate for all kinds of drilling machines, which makes it helpful for both DIY enthusiasts and expert contractors. Its distinct features ensure it is ideal for use in places where precision is vital.

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