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Precision alloy is a very professional and high-end alloy type. Because of its special physical properties and metal material properties, it is also relatively widely used in current applications, mainly concentrated on precision instruments. Of course, at present, most of the precision instruments are based on black metal, and there is no shortage of precision alloys based on non-ferrous metals.

In the case of current precision alloys, it usually includes magnetic alloys, elastic alloys, electrical alloys, and the like. The precision alloy can be divided into seven categories according to its physical properties. For example, soft magnetic alloy, just like the 1j117 we know, it will again distinguish the corresponding grades according to different product gaps. There are also deformed permanent magnet alloys, elastic alloys, resistive alloys, and the like. Different types of precision alloys, due to different elements and different performance stability, can be used according to their own needs when using them, so that they can achieve the ideal application purpose.


Semiconductor manufacturing equipment, LCD manufacturing equipment, Solar panel manufacturing equipment, Robots, Medical equipment, OA equipment, Optical equipment, Various molds & Tools, etc.

razredGlavna aplikacija
1J46、1J50、1J54Voitage transformer, Electric ralay, Electromagnetic clutch core applied in Medium magnetic filed.
1J51、1J34、1J52、1J65、1J67、1J83Magnetic amplifier, choke coil, Recyifying ring applied in Medium magnetic field.
1J76、1J77、1J79、1J80、1J85、1J86Voltage transformer, Magnetic amplifier, choke core, Magnetic shield applied in low-intensity magnetic field.
1J21、1J22、FeCo27Electromagnet pole head, End welded pipe in magnetron, Earphone vibration film, Torque motor rotor,magnetostrictive transducer core.
E8、1J30、1J31、1J32、1J33、1J38、E8(Ni30Fe)        The magnetic shunt compensation element in Electromagnetic circuit and Permanent magnetic circuit.
1J36、1J116、1J117Electromagnetic valve, Electromagnetic clutch core and inductive element.
Cr10NiTiMo、Cr11NiTiMo、1J118Mterials for Corrosion resistant magnetic medium and Electromagnetic valve.
1J79C、1J85CHead housing, Chip, Spacing block.
2J4Magnetic hysteresis motor working in terrestrial magnetic field.
2J31、2J32、2J33Small cross section permanent magnetic element of complicated shapes.
2J63、2J64、2J65、2J67Magnetic needle, other Permanent magnetic element.
2J7、2J9、2J11、2J12Magnetic hysteresis motor in medium or Highmagnetic field.
2J21、2J23、2J25、2J27Entirety Magnetic hysteresis motor.
2J51、2J52、2J53Magnetic hysteresis motor in low or medium magnetic field.
2J85Permanent magnetic element of small piece and complicated shapes.
3J1、3J53Diaphragm, bellows, spring and other elastic cell.
3J9(2Cr19Ni9Mo)Clock, timer wound and other elastic cell in meter.
3J21meter, spring and other elastic element work under 400°c.
3J53、3J58Vibrator in mechanical filter,tuning fork in Frequency resonator and leaf in discriminating relay.
3J2(Ni36CrTiAiMo5)、3J3(Ni36CrTiAiMo5)High temperature elastic element.
4J29、4J44Matched seal with hard glass in Electric vacuum industry.
4J33、4J34、Ni31Cu68Matched seal with ceramics in Electric vacuum industry.
4J46Matched seal with ceramics in Electric vacuum industry.
4J43Du Meisi core.
4J32、4J36、4J38Meter, instrument part, reasonant cavity, Double metal passive layer.
4J6、4J47、4J49、4J42、4J45、4J50Matched seal with ceramics or soft glass in Electric vacuum industry.
4J78、4J80、4J82        Non magnetic non matching ceramic sealing material for Gyroscope and other Electric vacuumlnstrument.
4J58Precision scale requires stability.
B30(Ni31Cu68)Non matching seal with ceramics for Vacuum switch tube.
F4Ni41Matching seal with ceramics for Vacuum switch tube.
F4Ni47Cu5Element requires Constant expansion coefficient.
4J28Matched seal with soft glass in Electric vacuum industry.
6J10、6J15、6J20Electric heating element of furnace, Precision resistor elememt of instrument and meter.
N40(OCr20Ni36Al)Resistance strip for Engine and others.
FeCrAlResistor element. 

stavkaDimension  (mm)procesUslov isporuke
Round BarDIA1.0 - 30Hladno crtanje / Brušenje bez centraBright & Anneal
DIA20 - 80PilingBright & Anneal
DIA 13-180Vruće valjanoCrna površina i žarenje
DIA 70 - 400Vruće valjanoCrna površina i žarenje
Ravna šipkaT 3.0-20 XW 20-100        Vruće valjanoCrna površina i žarenje
BlokT 20-200 X 300-800Vruće valjani i vruće kovaniCrna površina / mašina i žarenje
Žičani štapDIA 5.5 - 13Vruće valjanoCrna površina i žarenje
listoviT1.0 - 2.5        Hladno valjanaCrna površina i žarenje
T 2.5 - 8.0Vruće valjanoCrna površina i žarenje