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D2 1.2379 SKD11

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Alatni čelik za hladnu obradu D2 1.2379 SKD11 žica wood

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D2 steel has high wear resistance, micro-deformation cold work tool steel, wind hard tool steel, carbon content up to 1.5%, chromium content up to 11.5%, heat treatment hardness up to 60HRC. 


used for making various high precision, long-life cold work mold.

1.2379 steels are used for Tools used for a long time, wear resistance is very important, such as cutting or forming dies and teeth.




Koeficijent toplinske ekspanzije (58-59 HRC)

AISI/ASTM A681 D2 Grade Steel Forging

Heating for forging of AISI D2 tool steel should be done slowly and uniformly. Soak through at 1850°-1950°F and reheat as often as necessary, stopping work when the temperature drops below 1700°F(926°C). After D2 die steel forging, cool slowly in lime, mica, dry ashes or furnace. AISI D2 steel should always be annealed after forging.

D2 Tool Steel Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment

ASTM D2 steels alloy should be preheated very slowly to 815℃ (1500°F) and then temperature can be increased to 1010oC (1850°F). They are then held at 1010oC (1850°F) for 20 to 45 minutes and air cooled (air quenched).


Annealing of D2 tool steels material should be done at 871 to 898°C (1600 to 1650°F) followed by slow furnace cooling at 4.4°C (40°F) per hour or less.after which cooling rate may be increased. Suitable precautions must be taken to prevent excessive carburization or decarburization.

Stress Relieving

When desirable to relieve the strains of machining, heat D2 grade steel slowly to 1050°-1250°F, allow to equalize, and then cool in still air (Strain Relieving).

Preheat Prior To Hardening

Preheat slowly to 1350°-1450°F and hold at this temperature until grade steel D2 material is uniformly heated.


After thorough preheating, heat to 1800°-1850°F. Hold the work piece at the hardening temperature until it is completely and uniformly heated.


AISI D2 steel tool material is an air hardening steel and will develop hardness on cooling in still air. To avoid scaling and prevent decarburization of the work piece surface, controlled atmosphere or vacuum furnaces are recommended. If these furnaces are not available, pack hardening, salt baths or wrapping the piece in stainless steel foil will provide some degree of surface protection in the hardening process. Parts should be allowed to cool to 150F, or to where they can be held in the bare hand, and then temper immediately.


The tempering temperature on material D2 steel may be varied according to the desired hardness. D2 steels can be tempered at 204°C (400°F) for achieving Rockwell C hardness of 61 and at 537°C (1000°F) for a Rockwell C hardness of 54.

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