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Time: 2021-06-02 Pogodaka: 162

In the process of continuous development, the KONSOND company has gradually established a set of perfect marketing network and after-sales service system. Including the customer's pre-sale technical consultation, rationalization scheme in sale and after-sale standardized service and a complete set of perfect service support, so as to meet the needs of customers to the greatest extent. At present, the business development trend is good, the interaction between domestic and foreign markets is frequent, and more high-quality customer groups have been developed.


The company's team firmly believes in innovation, excellence and quality. e are always moving forward in the cutting business field, providing customers with new, better and more suitable products and value-added services, and constantly improving to meet customers' needs. Konsond's enterprise purpose and company value is to uphold the spirit of focusing on professional craftsmen and the development principle of mutual benefit, to provide customers with the best quality and most professional products and services, and to achieve mutual support and common growth with customers! Konsond is looking forward to working with you for a better future!

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