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Cold work tool steels are designed for tooling applications where the service temperature is under about 600°F (316°C). In selecting cold work tool steels, the metallurgical factors that ultimately affect tool performance and longevity must be considered. These include hardness and strength, toughness, and wear resistance. Hardness and strength are in a commensurate relationship; the higher the hardness, the higher the strength. Higher hardness also generally corresponds with higher wear resistance. However, high hardness and strength typically also correspond with lower toughness, or in other words, less resistance to cracking from impact or sudden shock loading. The specific hardness, wear, and toughness requirements of the application determine which tool steel should be used. For new tooling applications, the selection normally involves some degree of trial and error to determine which tool steel provides the best combination of properties for the most cost effective tooling performance.

The nominal chemical compositions of the common cold work tool steels are presented in weight percent below. Relative comparisons of the properties of the steels are presented in the chart on the reverse side. More specific information about the steels may be obtained from the individual data sheets. M2 high-speed steel and H13 hot work steel are included in the property comparisons because both are sometimes used in cold work tooling applications and to provide a common reference for comparisons with the properties of the high-speed and hot work tool steels.

Čelični razredCMnSiCrWMoVdrugi
O10.94 1.20 0.30 0.50 0.50 
O61.45 1.00 0.90 0.25 
L60.70 0.60 0.25 0.70 1.40Ni
A21.00 0.75 0.30 5.00 1.00 0.25 
A80.55 0.30 0.95 5.00 1.25 1.25 
A90.55 0.35 1.05 5.15 1.55 1.00 1.50Ni
A101.35 1.80 1.20 0.20 1.50 1.85Ni
D21.50 0.30 0.30 12.00 0.75 0.90 
D32.15 0.40 0.40 12.25 0.25 
D72.30 0.40 0.40 12.50 1.10 4.00 
LSSTM Vertex1.00 0.50 1.00 8.25 2.25 0.40 
LescowearTM1.13 0.30 1.20 7.75 1.10 1.55 2.40 
S10.53 0.25 0.25 1.35 2.00 0.25 
S70.50 0.75 0.25 3.25 1.40 
H130.40 0.40 1.00 5.25 1.35 1.00 
Viscount 440.40 0.80 1.00 5.25 1.35 1.00 0.12S
M20.85 0.28 0.30 4.15 6.15 5.00 1.85 
CPM 1V0.55 0.40 0.50 4.00 4.25 1.00 0.50Ni
CPM 3V0.85 0.30 1.00 5.00 1.35 2.75 
CPM M41.45 0.25 0.25 4.50 5.50 5.20 3.85 
CPM 9V1.80 0.50 0.90 5.25 1.35 9.00 
CPM 10V/A112.45 0.50 0.90 5.25 1.35 9.80 
O1An oil-hardning, non-shrinking tool steel with good toughness and moderate dimensional stability in heat treatment.9060
O6An oil-hardning,graphitic tool steel with excellent non-seizing properties.The graphite particles provide self lubricity and hold applied lubricants.12560
L6An oil-hardning,general-purpose tool and die steel.The nickel content provides enhanced impact toughness.7557
A2A general-purpose,air-hardening tool and die steel.7060
A8An air-hardening steel with good toughness which can be used in cold work and some limited hot work tooling applications.8059
A9An air-hardening steel with enhanced toughness which can be used in cold work and some limited hot work tooling applications.7056
A10An air-hardening graphitic tool steel.More dimensionally stable during heat treament than O6 graphitic tool steel.9060
D2A general-purpose,12% chromium,air-hardening, wear-resistant tool steel.Good dimensional stability during heat treament.5562
D3An air-hardening,high-carbon,12% chromium tool steel with improved wear resistance.5063
D7An air-hardening steel with maximum wear resistance for an ingot-cast steel.Large,hard carbides resist wear from abrasive particles.3563
LescowearTMTwo very similar air-hardening tool steels with a unique combination of toughness and wear resistance.6060
S1An oil-hardening,shock-resistant tool steel designed for applications involving high impact or sudden shock loading.7557
S7An air-hardening,shock-resistant tool steel with better dimensional stability in heat treatment.7557
H13A 5% chromium hot work steel which is often used in cold work tooling applications which need high toughness but not high strength.7048
H13SResulfurized (machinable)prehardened H13 which can be used for a variety of tooling and maintenance applications.4044
M2Ageneral-purpose.high speed steel which is sometimes used in cold work applications which require high strength but not high toughness.5564
CPM 1vA powder metal tool steel with a unique combination of high toughness and high strength for both cold and hot work appllications.7057
CPM 3VA powder metal tool steel with a balanced ally composition that provides high toughness and wear resistance for many cold work applications.5562
CPM M4A powder metal tool steel with an optimal combination of high strengh,toughness,and wear resisitance for both cold and hot work tools.4563
CPM 9VA powder metal tool steel which provides high toughness and wear resistance at a moderate strengh level.4053
CPM 10V/A11A powder metal tool steel which provides extremely high wear resistance in combination with high strength and good toughness.4063
stavkaDimenzija (mm)procesUslov isporuke
Round BarDIA1.0 - 30Hladno crtanje / Brušenje bez centraBright & Anneal
DIA20 - 80PilingBright & Anneal
DIA 13-180Vruće valjanoCrna površina i žarenje
DIA 70 - 400Vruće valjanoCrna površina i žarenje
Ravna šipkaT 3.0-20 XW 20-100Vruće valjanoCrna površina i žarenje
BlokT 20-200 X 300-800Vruće valjani i vruće kovaniCrna površina / mašina i žarenje
Žičani štapDIA 5.5 - 13Vruće valjanoCrna površina i žarenje
listoviT1.0 - 2.5Hladno valjanaCrna površina i žarenje
T 2.5 - 8.0Vruće valjanoCrna površina i žarenje

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