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Die ingevoerde ertsmark het aanhou daal, kooks en skroot het stabiel gebly

Tyd: 2021-09-06 Hits: 111

For the Raw Material, cooperate with Chinese suppliers to carry out Lambert port renovation project. MacArthur minerals promotes the feasibility study of Lake Giles and the fire had little impact on the Belgian steelmaker nlmk La louviere. So we think the imported ore market will continue to decline.

As to the iron ore,in terms of domestic ore, the domestic refined powder market price is mainly stable as a whole. Today, the market price excluding tax in Chengde and Kuancheng areas of Hebei Province increased by 20 yuan, and the market price excluding tax in Laiyuan area decreased by 60 yuan. At present, steel enterprises still maintain their own procurement rhythm, and most of them purchase on demand.

About to the Scrap analysis, today's scrap market is mainly stable. Recently, due to the weather, it is difficult to receive goods, the volume of goods is small, and the shipping mentality is also strong, resulting in an increase in the arrival of steel mills. In terms of steel mills, the purchase prices of scrap steel in some domestic steel mills have not been adjusted today. The arrival of steel mills is better, slightly higher than that on weekdays. The inventory of steel mills is normal. In terms of finished products, the price of finished products has shown a slight and steady upward trend recently due to weather and environmental protection factors.

Comprehensive factors analysis show that the domestic scrap market tends to operate stably in the short term. 

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