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Konsond group is focus on forging and rolling since 15 years ago, and supply steel products which we have a wealth of experience and knowledge. Now after more than 15 years’ development, we become one of the leading special steel manufacturer, supplier and exporter.

Konsond supplies a wide range of grades for special steel, featured product is tool and die steel,  including High speed steel, Cold work tool steel, Hot work tool steel, Plastic mould steel etc.

Konsond has independent Laboratory for Elements analysis, Hardness testing, Mechanical testing, Ultrasonic testing, and strict quality control system complied to ISO 9001 certification.


Konsond commit to provide consistent quality and nice service for our clients in all kinds of industries,

 with advantages of technologies, equipment and price, and aim to be total solution provider regarding 

special steel raw materials and related products.


Konsond commit to build a long-term and stable strategic relationship with our customers and  strive to 

keep our customers on the leading edge: Now and in Future.

We always try to live up a little higher than our customer’s expectations , and grow with us in a win-win 

and healthy way.

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