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H21 1.2581 SKD5

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H21 1.2581 SKD5 round bar

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Tungsten hot-work steels are of different types, namely, H21 to H26 types. These steels have similar characteristics to that of high-speed steels. The primary alloying elements in tungsten hot-work steels include tungsten, chromium, carbon, and vanadium. They are resistant to distortion when they are air-hardened, and have higher hardening temperature when compared to chromium hot-work steels. Breakage of the tungsten hot-work steels can be reduced if they are preheated to operating temperature before use. Thermal shock resistance and toughness of these steels can be improved by reducing the carbon content.


The H21 tungsten hot-work tool steels are mainly used for hot-working dies and toolings, e.g., die casting, extrusion and hot-forming of parts.

ItemDimension  (mm)ProcessDelivery condition
Round BarDIA1.0 - 30Cold-drawing / Centerless grindingBright & Anneal
DIA20 - 80PeelingBright & Anneal
DIA 13-180Hot RolledBlack surface & Anneal
DIA 70 - 400Hot RolledBlack surface & Anneal
Flat BarT 3.0-20 X W 20-100Hot RolledBlack surface & Anneal
BlockT 20-200 X 300-800Hot Rolled & Hot ForgedBlack surface /Machine & Anneal
Wire RodDIA 5.5 - 13Hot RolledBlack surface & Anneal
SheetsT1.0 - 2.5Cold RolledBlack surface & Anneal
T 2.5 - 8.0Hot RolledBlack surface & Anneal
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